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Kelp abounds in various nutrients, but is not suitable for everyone!

Kelp is rich in nutrients such as iodine and mannitol, as well as trace elements such as cobalt, chromium, and selenium required by the human body. It has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, regulating blood lipids, anticoagulation, antithrombus, antitumor, immune regulation, anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia, anti-oxidation, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, etc. It is a kind of large algae with edible, medicinal, health care, industrial and agricultural value.

In the cold morning, a bowl of seaweed tofu soup consumes only minimum efforts and short time to indulge your tongue and warm your stomach and body.

The rain lasted on and off half of the time last night. It seems the temperature dropped dramatically after the wake-up time this morning, an incisive phenomenon of the northern area where an autumn rain indicates a cold wave. If you need warm food when the temperature drops, soup is definitely the best option. In addition to benefiting health, soup can also provide nutrients to the human body and is absorbed more easily. Some soup dishes are time-consuming with carefully chosen ingredients and long brewing time. Is there any soup that is both accessible and nutritious?

What health benefits will kelp bring when you eat it regularly?

Although all of you have tried kelp before, some don’t like it because it tastes average at the first morsel. But after getting accustomed to it, you will feel its fresh and delicious taste. It is tasty when you get accustomed, and also contains a wide range of nutrients. Regularly eating kelp will significant benefit your health. 1. Help you lose weight The calories of kelp are only one-tenth of rice. It is rich in dietary fiber, low in calories and helps with digestion, which is very conducive to weight loss. Kelp can bring a strong feeling of satiety, which can reduce food intake and promote the metabolism of fat in the body. 2. Help you moisturize the intestines and detoxify your body Many people are suffering constipation, which is heavily related to their daily diet and living habits. Eating kelp will help moisturize the intestines and relax the bowels. Since the dietary fiber in kelp is soluble, it can enlarge and soften feces so that they can be excreted more easily and bowel toxins can be cleared. If you are suffering constipation, eating more kelp will help you excrete feces reserved in bowel, clear the toxins inside your intestines, and relief you from the trouble. 3. It can supplement vitamins and minerals. Kelp contains a larger amount of vitamins and minerals than general coarse grains, such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and iodine. If you want to replenish your body with vitamins and minerals, eating more kelp is the best option. It not only works as coarse grains, but also provides much more nutrients. Besides, kelp is rich in vitamins. Those who are in need of vitamins can have them by eating more kelp. There are many ways to have kelp, such the kelp salad, which is an appetizer to boost digestion. In hot days, we especially recommend kelp soup or porridge of kelp and mung beans. These two dishes are suitable for most people for their high nutrition and heat clearing function.
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